We enjoy finding quick wins that improves your daily work, empower your position in your market and satisfy your end users and potential customers. Our experienced collaborators roll up their sleeves to help you adopting IT solutions that fits the best to your needs.

Business Digital Transformation

Digital is affecting every industry and we are ready to guide you through the transformation process in a smooth and efficient manner. We offer you tailored digital transformation solutions that include:

  • Software Development: Customized and hands on development to fit your specific requirements.
  • Data science: Statistical methods to find patterns in your data and take right business decisions.
  • Machine Learning: Advanced modelisation to predict tendencies and each time perform better in your business domain.
  • IT-Architecture: Flexible and cost effective solutions, that help you adapt quickly to market changes and leverage your business value .
  • Big Data Analysis: Unlimited business domain analysis, allowing you to interpret and analyse big anounts of data related to your business field.

IT Consultancy

Our experts bring a wealth of hands on experience in IT Procurement and in various medium to large scale digital transformation projects in the public sector as well as in commercial companies.

IT Procurement

Do you think your current supplier is too expensive, does not offer what you need or are you simply looking for a brand new supplier? We are able to help you obtain savings faster while improving all qualitative aspects of your relationships with your suppliers.

Our cost reduction initiatives include market research, benchmarking, spend analysis, supplier identification and evaluation, negotiation with suppliers, due diligence and support in the contracting process.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information !