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  • Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) exam voucher.
  • Online Resources and Mobile App Six months complimentary online course access (High quality videos, interactive case studies, chapter test, important terms and concepts).
  • Internationally recognized certification and 16 PDUs PMI.


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Are you looking forward to learning the Scrum methodology pragmatically and gain recognition of expertise in the application of it?

Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) professionals are facilitators who ensure that the Scrum Team is provided with an environment conducive to completing the project successfully. The Scrum Master guides, facilitates, and teaches Scrum practises to everyone involved in the project; clears impediments for the team; and, ensure that Scrum processes are being followed.

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  1. Online Resources and Mobile App: Six months complimentary online course access which includes high-quality videos, interactive case studies, chapter test, important terms and concepts, and mobile app.
  2. Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) exam voucher: Two-hour SMC™ online proctored certification exam. This can be taken from home using a laptop/desktop with a webcam and microphone connected. It works across all internet browsers. Successful candidates will be awarded the Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) certification by SCRUMstudy.
  3. Internationally recognized certification and 16 PDUs PMI more over the SCRUM Certification.


Audience Profile

This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working as a Scrum Master or gain a deeper knowledge of Agile Project Management.


Exam Format

  • Proctored online exam
  • Multiple Choice questions
  • 100 questions per exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 120 minutes duration
  • Current pass rate: 95%

Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Scrum
  • Brief History of Scrum
  • Process Paradigms
  • Scrum Values and Attitudes
  • The Upcoming Knowledge Worker Revolution
  • Future of Scrum and its Economic Impact
  • The Big Picture AGILE
  • Strategic View: Releases and Business Value
  • Tactical View: Sprints and everyday work
  • Benefits
  • The Scrum team
  • Composition and cross-functionality
  • Responsibilities of the Scrum Developer
  • Organising
  • Product Backlog Items (PBIs), User stories and other choices on the Product Backlog
  • Backlog Meetings
  • Architecture on a Scrum Project
  • INVEST in your Product Backlog
  • The Product Owner
  • Description and responsibilities
  • Sharing the vision
  • Releases
  • Release Planning Meetings
  • Colouring the Backlog
  • Sizing PBIs and estimating the product backlog
  • Velocity
  • Allocating Sprints
  • Tracking progress: The Release Burndown
  • What to expect
  • Sprints, goals and length
  • Sprint Planning Meetings
  • Prioritizing
  • The Daily Cycle
  • Values, Attitudes, Spontaneous Pairing
  • Open Areas, Bull Pen and other choices
  • Engineering Practices
  • Daily Duties of the Scrum Master
  • Task Boards
  • Tracking Progress: The Sprint Burndown
  • Release Sprints
  • Abnormal terminations
  • Sprint Review Meetings
  • Retrospectives
  • Kaizen
  • The Scrum Master
  • Responsibilities and mindset
  • The Contextual Scrum Master
  • Scrum Master as team member
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Transformation Team
  • Growing the Implementation
  • Patterns for Scalable and Distributed Scrum Operations
  • Agile PMO and the continued participation of the Transformation Team
  • Enterprise Scrum Benefit


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