Jedi Startup Lab l is a collaborative program designed to help new startups succeed. Jedi startup Lab helps entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, guidance to seed funding, mentoring, and training.

The way it works

It is a simple 3 steps process that start with:

The aspiring Startup should address the application process which is a two-part journey that consists of 1) online application and an 2) in-person interview.

Part I: Online Application

The online application is an opportunity for you to demonstrate and describe why your business idea would work. Applications are prescreened by a Jedi staff specialist and formally reviewed by the Jedi Approval Community (JAC). This community consists of veteran Jedis.
You could apply by writing an email to

Part II: In-Person Interview

Those who are approved for Part I will be invited to an in-person 100 mins remote interview. You will be provided with feedback at the end of the interview or one week after.

After the analysis period of your business situation.

Part III: Agreements on collaboration

If the Jedi Approval Community (JAC) assess your idea and approves your application to join the program. Your Jedi mentor would discuss the collaboration model to implement between your startup and JediSquad.

An agreement would be issued and signed off for a productive partnership.