Marouane AJRAOUI

A passionate team player in the Agile trip journeys for several individuals, a diverse multidisciplinary teams, and organizations to successfully enable more a purposeful culture and business agility.

Coming originally from Meknes (Morocco), but having lived in several countries (Spain, France, UK, CZ and Switzerland) he identifies himself as a “citizen of the world“ inspired by the “active experimentation”.

He is a Certified Agile Trainer and active member of several Agile communities: AGILE FRANCE, AGILE NORWAY, AGILE SWISS, FSUG, DOJO, MIX IT, TALK HUMANS, Agile & DevOps Gardeners, PUZZLE IT.

He provides international digital consultancy and agile coaching to large comapnies and startups to translate customer needs, trends and insights into products and solutions that make up a meaningful product portfolio. He links methodology, technology and interactive pedagogy to sucess.

Being also the “IT guy” for more than 15 years, Marouane enjoys problem solving and finding the way out of the trouble, he worked for different industries: Healthcare, Aerospace, Telecom, Public Administration, EU Institutions, Real state, Banking, Fashion, Nutrition, and Startups with different business models.

Marouane is also enthusiastic about building purposeful cultures aligned with human natures, hitting the waves on the surf board, chilling out with the guitar and composing new songs and practicing Aikido.

He is the Founder and CEO of Jedi Squad.